Monday, September 12, 2011

Second Person Plural

Today's Bizarro comic is a grammatical gag written by yours truly:
It's a neat, simple joke, and, being something of a word nerd, I'm quite happy with it. I particularly enjoy that it has to be "completed" in the reader's mind.

Dan Piraro's final art follows my sketch closely:
As you may know, Bizarro appears in an alternate version in some papers, in the space of a strip rather than a "portrait" layout. Dan draws his original art in the panel configuration and then digitally creates the strip layout. This cartoon also looks particularly pleasing in the strip layout, as shown below.
My next Bizarro gag will appear on Sunday, September 18. It's always an extra kick to get in on a Sunday, and the one coming up is a recent favorite.

Thanks for following this blog, and my ongoing collaboration with Mr. Piraro. Earlier examples of our teamwork are archived under the Bizarro label.


  1. The strip layout is really good.

  2. Good one. I was somewhat surprised that your "sports themed" panel didn't actually make fun of sports fans. Next thing you know, Wayno will be going to a Stillerz game...

  3. Hemlock: Yes, it really works well in the strip layout!

    JayGee: Don't get carried away, son.