Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pontification Without Representation

Today's Bizarro gag features a true political traditionalist:
There's no sketch to show for this one. I submitted the joke as new text added to an existing drawing, so in this unique case, I only wrote the words. Dan Piraro—a man of good conscience and artistic convictions—didn't simply reuse the old art, and drew a new mug for the character.

Sadly, the face of our imaginary office-seeker could be replaced with that of any number of current politicos, such as this puritanical fussbudget who made today's front page:

In a related note, I've just been ordained to perform marriages (seriously!), and I promise not to exclude same-sex couples. Fees are still undetermined, as is my chosen title. Available honorifics include Abbot, Brother, Deacon, Swami, Time Lord, Minister of Music, Saint (!), Doctor of Space & Time, and Grand Master Brain Wizard. How does one decide?

• • •

The next collaborative effort with my esteemed colleague Dan Piraro will appear on Thursday, October 6.

Since you read my scribblings, you might also enjoy the official Bizarro Blog, where you can see Dan's commentary on every one of his cartoons, and follow his always surprising links.

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  1. Fussbudget is definitely my favorite descriptor that I've read this week. Makes me chuckle.