Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weapons of Mass Carbonation

Here's an effervescent Bizarro cartoon for your amusement:
Dan Piraro's art is excellent as always. He makes good use of the available space in a Sunday panel, adding nice bits of background detail and a hilarious cast of characters. His rendering of the seltzer bottle is particularly impressive, and the light and shadows are very well done.

My submission sketch was presented in the daily panel format, and seems a little cramped in comparison the final version.
Landing a Sunday spot is always an extra kick, and this gag is one of my recent favorites. I like gags that show contrast between a straightforward line of dialog and an outrageous image (or a mundane scene with the weirdness in the text).

Dan just posted this one on his own blog, with additional commentary and informative reference photos.

Our next collaboration will appear on Thursday, September 22, and comes with an amusing back story. We decided that the original idea was too gross for the newspaper, but not too gross to share on the blog!

Please feel free to view all of the other cartoons Dan and I have cooked up together.


  1. Love your heading on this post in combo with the balloon gag.

  2. I run a Web site that lists all comic strips, panels, and creators ever published in the Los Angeles Times ( May I include you? May I have your full name? You may reply to comacx9 at if you'd prefer. Many thanks.