Monday, January 25, 2016

Peanut Bummer

My latest collaboration with Hilary Price appears today.
The published comic looks very much like my submission sketch, although Hilary's revised dialog has a more natural rhythm, and delivers the punchline more effectively.
RWO is, I believe, the only daily strip that includes a title block. Hilary always makes excellent use of the extra flexibility it provides to her comic, which is somewhere between a strip and a panel. In today's edition, the title ("The Estate Plan") sets up the gag without giving it away, and also adds an extra beat before the reader puts the joke together.

To see another side of Hilary's personality and humor, check out her recent appearance as a Moth storyteller.

All of my previous RWO gags are viewable in this blog's Orange Crate.

I've also got a new WaynoVision cartoon online, so my fingerprints are spread around the web today.