Sunday, December 31, 2017

Eyeballing the Future

I'm starting the year with a new comics gig, as the daily cartoonist for Bizarro.

The award-winning, multi-talented, and immaculately-mustachioed Dan Piraro will continue to produce those beautiful Sunday pages, and I'll be on board (working closely with Dan) Monday through Saturday.

Dan and I have been collaborating since 2009. Over that time, I've written around 150 gags, filled in as guest cartoonist for two weeks, and assisted as colorist for three years. Now, I'll get to work with my favorite cartoonist every day, as we plunge headfirst into 2018.

I'll have more to say next weekend, continuing Dan's practice of posting a weekly review of Bizarro cartoons.

And, we'll continue to sprinkle Secret Symbols here and there in the daily comics.

Thanks to everyone who has read, shared, and commented on WaynoVision over the last three years. I've just ended that feature so I can devote my comedic energies to Bizarro, but the entire run on WaynoVision will remain online for your clicking pleasure.

Happy New Year, Jazz Pickles!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Son of (Snow) Man

Here's my latest collaboration with my good pal, Hilary Price:
Hilary made a few subtle changes to the art and dialog, but followed my submission sketch very closely.
I've always enjoyed the art of surrealist René Magritte, and have referenced his famous painting "The Son of Man" several times in the past.

Cartooning is for the most part a solitary craft, so I take advantage of every chance I have to collaborate with an artist I admire. My previous Rhymes With Orange appearances are archived on this very blog.