Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bone Dry

Today's skeletal Bizarro cartoon features yet another gag from yours truly. It's a variation on the ubiquitous "a ________ walks into a bar" theme.
For comparison to Dan Piraro's final art, here's my rough sketch:
Dan changed the perspective a bit, and got rid of some unnecessary detail, but the subtle change from an exclamation point to a period at the end of the text made the biggest improvement to the joke. I've mentioned before that Dan's masterful use of deadpan expressions and dialog almost always makes the comics funnier.

As always, you can find our previous collaborations archived on this blog. The next one is on schedule for September 12.


  1. Once again, I like yer version better. For the simple reason that your skeleton actually shows some emotion, both in the inclusion of the exclamation point and the attitude of the skeleton's body and face. I would expect a skeleton to be emotionless, which is why your illustration is the better of the two. It's just funnier.

  2. The biggest change is that he DOES have the skeleton holding the liquor, as opposed to the bartender as in your sketch!

    Another good one Wayno!

  3. I totally agree with you comment, Wayno. Drop the exclamation point and it is better.

    You guys rocketh.


  4. Good stuff as always!