Sunday, March 29, 2009

Name that celebrity

Here's a first attempt at a caricature of a celebrity. It still needs some work.

Is it recognizable?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bacon! Again!

Here's the completed version of the bacon-centric strip I previewed in an earlier post.

It's included in the March 2009 Bacon of the Month club package. The club, a division of The Grateful Palate, is highly recommended to all serious carnivores.

Monday, March 16, 2009

NORTH: A guide to Pittsburgh's North Side

I'm one of many local artists who contributed to North, a visitors' guide to Pittsburgh's North Side.

Here's an edited excerpt from the press release, followed by my page.

Pittsburgh's Northside has a new visitors guide. The book, called North, features short comic vignettes of great Northside destinations such as The Warhol, PNC Park, and The National Aviary. North offers visitors and locals alike the opportunity to find new places to visit, or to be reminded of old favorites. The guide is available by request for personal use, or for mass distribution.

Funded by a grant from the Charm Bracelet Project, the ToonSeum partnered with 18 cartoonists (plus three writers) and 15 organizations to create a comprehensive visitors guide to the neighborhood. Each artist covered a popular venue or historically rich area. After countless pen strokes and hours of researching, North is ready to launch. Distributed free of charge to Pittsburgh hotels, visitor’s centers, schools, and more, the guide will allow Pittsburghers new and old to enjoy the experience that is our Northside.

The official release date is April 3. I'll have some other breaking news to report on that same day.

Ralph Carney's "Serious Jass Projekt"

Here's the final version of an illustration I did for my friend Ralph Carney's new band, Ralph Carney's "Serious Jass Projekt". As far as I can tell, the quotation marks are supposed to be there as part of their name.
I'd posted an early version today, but took it down after I saw how much better it looked with the colors rearranged a little.

Ralph's got a long and illustrious resume, and he's still going strong. I've been a fan since getting the first Tin Huey records back in the late '70s, and am truly jazzed (or jassed) to have a chance to work with him.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Ugly American Archive Item

When Scott Smith of East End Brewing Company first invited me to draw a label for his Ugly American brew, we met to discuss our ideas before settling on the concept.

Here's a scan of my "meeting notes" from that first discussion, followed by the final design. The sketch in the upper left is pretty close to what we ended up with.

We revised the label for the late 2008 release: