Monday, September 26, 2011

Yo, Stinky!

Today's Bizarro continues the time-honored tradition of setting gags in a psychiatrist's office:
Here's the original sketch I submitted to Dan Piraro for consideration:
This cartoon provided an opportunity to comment on the fact that an awful lot of adult American males insist on dressing like four-year-olds wherever they go. It's hilarious and sad to see these guys out in the world, with no awareness of their ridiculous appearance.

Who could have predicted that twenty-first century men's fashion sense would be so strongly influenced by Abbot & Costello's neighbor, Oswald "Stinky" Davis, as portrayed by Joe Besser?
"You crazy, you!"
My next collaboration with Dan, a bit of political commentary, will appear on Wednesday, September 28. As always, our earlier efforts can be enjoyed in this blog's Bizarro archive.

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