Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Inside the Box

Two days in a row? I'm afraid so! Here's the latest Piraro/Wayno comic, appearing in papers around the world.

I know that some of my jokes can be a little obscure or require the reader to think, but sometimes you've got to run with an old-fashioned poo gag:

What with cable TV cannibalizing itself left and right (how many shows about over-bred families can there really be?), I imagined MTV's washed-up franchise being picked up by the pet network. Coming from Fluffy, the comment is no more convincing than when uttered by any number of rappers or starlets on the original series.

As usual, Dan Piraro turned what was practically a stick-figure drawing into comic gold.

The original sketch

Our previous collaborations can be viewed in my blog archive.

If you enjoy Bizarro, I recommend spending 99 cents on the official iPhone app.

I usually know in advance when my work will appear in Bizarro, but I was surprised yesterday and today. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. A trifecta?


  1. Very fun! Animals X Food Network for fodder? Extreme Pet Chefs or Food Chain Showdown? Thanks for all the laughs you're spreading around, Wayno!

  2. I like the finished version more than the roughed-in original. There's more smart-ass in a sitting cat than one standing.

  3. Excellent observation, Hemlock. The final version is much more self-important.