Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Room for Cream

At the risk of wearing out my welcome on the comics page, here's another of my Bizarro gags:

I'd forgotten about this one, and had to do some searching to find the original submission.

This joke was inspired by frustration, anger and caffeine withdrawal. A couple of months back, I attended a conference at a hotel/convention center. I intended to start my day with an espresso or three, and was astounded to note that every little diner, coffee shop and concession stand sported a sign saying that they "proudly" serve Starbucks coffee.

After covering several blocks, I finally found an independent shop without the ubiquitous green rubber-stamp logo. As I sipped my drink, I scrawled this nearly-illegible sketch and photographed it with my phone:

The t-shirt in the sketch says "I begrudgingly drink Starbucks coffee." "Reluctantly" works just fine, too.

A funny gag can overcome weak art, but I think I pushed the limits with this submission. As always, Dan Piraro's finished comic is a true work of art.

Stay tuned for a couple more in the near future...

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  1. I like Starbucks coffee. I haven't been shot yet, though.