Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Not Literally a Sandwich

Once again Dan Piraro has transformed a scribbled scraps of paper into a comic masterpiece.

Here's my original submission, complete with correction tape:

This version had the punchline delivered by Whopper Junior.

Mr. Piraro liked the wordplay, but said "I've never seen or heard of Whopper Jr. I'd like to use a more readily recognizable character, maybe Burger King, even though he's not literally a sandwich." The King works very well in the final art, particularly with that creepy leer frozen on his mug.

Dan made several other design choices that resulted in a superior composition. Having McCheese hold the photo in his left hand allowed for a clear view of his mayoral sash, and draping it from his right shoulder makes it easy to read.

We have several more collaborative comics coming up, and you can find my previous Bizarro contributions here.


  1. Looks like start of a beautiful friendship.

  2. As usual, your preliminary sketches are equally great, Waynito!

  3. Congrats, Wayno! It's great to see the result of a successful collaboration between an editor/art director and an artist.

    When that relationships works well, it makes your work better than it was by itself. (But when it doesn't jive, it's soooooooo hard to take.)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing about the process that led to the final piece.