Friday, August 12, 2011

Bizarro Five-O

Today's Bizarro marks my 50th appearance in Dan Piraro's terrific comic. It's as thrilling as ever to see something I've written published in this space.
Here's my submission sketch, which Dan ran with for the final cartoon:
The inspiration for this joke came from a suggestion I received from my buddy Joel:
I was at a meeting this morning, and someone swatted a fly on the table. Then he picked it up by the legs, walked over to the trash bins, and looked back at us and said “this is recyclable, right?”

Jokes about reincarnation followed.

There has to be a good one in there somewhere. The rest is up to you.
After chewing on it for a while, I hit on the idea of a center where souls are sorted according to the beliefs of their earthly owners. The most time-consuming part of this was researching the dogma of various faiths.

Thanks for the fodder, Joel.

Big, goopy thanks to Dan Piraro for working with me over the past couple of years, and continuing to do so. 
All of my earlier collaborations with Dan are archived here. The very first one was published on April 3, 2009. 

Another new one will appear tomorrow, with three more following over the next week or so.

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