Saturday, August 13, 2011

Neck and Neck

I'm (happily) busy with some cool projects, so this Bizarro post will be brief. Today's comic is a zoological spin on a phrase my parents used regularly.
I'm fairly certain that my mother often wished for longer arms to express the extent of her fed-uppedness with me.

My submission sketch showed a wider view of the giraffe family. Dan chose to crop it in closer, but used my text unedited.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of illustration students and faculty members at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. They were kind enough to invite me to discuss my work (including my collaborations with Dan) and some of my interests and influences. Thanks to Mark Bender for getting the ball rolling on that.


  1. Your version is funnier yet again, mainly because of the expressions on your subjects' faces, especially the adolescent giraffe.

  2. HM, Thanks again for your attention to detail and insightful comments. I appreciate them all.