Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wayno Rhymes with What?

Today, I'm pleased to showcase my first collaboration with Hilary Price, for her daily comic strip, Rhymes With Orange:
For comparison, here's my original submission.
My idea was to show a stereotypical burglar with the traditional (but inexplicable) get-up of newsboy cap, striped jersey, raccoon mask and stubble. Hilary instead depicts a bank-robber, complete with  ski-mask, gun and a bulging sack of money (Hey, where's the big dollar sign on the bag?) Come to think of it, a bank robber actually could do his work online.

Hilary's been doing RWO since 1995, and in 2007 she won the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Best Newspaper Panel.

I'm very pleased to begin a working relationship with Hilary, and I look forward to many more collaborations in the future.


  1. I laughed out loud at this one. I've never seen Rhymes With Orange. I'll have to start looking for it online.

  2. I wish you had yer own syndicated strip. Your characters have a kind of smart-assedness about them that I find funny and appealing.