Friday, April 15, 2011

Put Your Hand Inside the Accountant's Head

Today, Dan Piraro and I celebrate the traditional income tax deadline day with a cartoon featuring a man and his trusty financial adviser.
The final art is a huge improvement over my submission:
This sketch is quite old. The digital file has a creation date of 2003, making it at least eight years old, but I'd estimate it's from the late 1990s. It looks like I drew it with a Rapidograph pen, which I haven't used for many years, and there's a small piece of correction tape (!) on the caption. I held onto it for a long time, and am glad it's finally made it to print. There's something especially hilarious about hand puppets. I find them to be much funnier than ventriloquist dummies.

Our next collaboration will appear on Monday, April 18, with four more following closely. All of our previous efforts can be viewed here.
• • •
I've just started contributing gags to Hilary Price's comic strip, Rhymes With Orange. The first one will appear on Tuesday, April 26. RWO is a very funny cartoon, with a clever, absurdist point of view, and I'm happy about working with Hilary.
• • •
Getting back to Bizarro, keep your eyes peeled for an announcement about a special batch of cartoons coming up shortly. It'll appear in the usual places.

Also, Pittsburgh's own ToonSeum has just confirmed that Dan Piraro will bring his standup comedy to town on Thursday June 9, for the annual Comics for Comics fundraiser. Tickets will be available soon. Dan's live performances are unpredictable, visual, musical, and very, very funny.


  1. I've been meaning to say that I really enjoy these mini behind-the-scenes accounts. Keep 'em up! (Also this is one of my favorites of your collaborations so far.)

  2. Thank you, Seth. My sketch is just awful, though. The guy's right arm is ridiculous.