Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Poke in the Eye

Today's Bizarro takes yet another poke at Facebook, which is proving to be a rich source of inspiration. I've been told that some of our gags are rather obscure, but at least 500 million people should get this one.
I gave Dan little to work with visually—just the wordplay, really. But as usual he ran with it and created a great image punch up the gag.
Since there's not much else to discuss, here's a look at the alternate layout for papers that run Bizarro in comic-strip format:
As I may have mentioned before, Dan creates two versions of the comic every day: one for the normal panel and a second "landscape" version. This often requires some additional art to fill in the space, as seen in this one. It's just another example of the hard work that goes into creating the high quality humor you expect from Bizarro.

To view the archive of Piraro/Wayno collaborations, click on the Bizarro label.

Coming up in early May: Two new comics in a row, and a special announcement.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting twist that the guy at the computer seems to have Mark Zuckerberg's hair. Clever Dan, very subtle!