Friday, April 08, 2011

Stand-up Scatology

In today's Bizarro comic, we goof on a couple of popular children's characters, one of which has a particularly off-putting name, blithely ignored by fans.
Dan's final art follows my sketch very closely, although his depiction of Piglet resembles the familiar Disney character more than my grubby, cigarette-smoking version.

I also did a sketch showing a grizzled show-biz manager advising the would-be comedian to clean up his act:
The scene with the couple watching TV works better, in part because it's a more realistic situation (except for the talking pig), but I do like the body language in the sketch with the manager.

The gag was inspired in part by the disturbing sight of a parent and child sitting in the aisle of a bookstore reading aloud from this horrifying volume:
There's a fine line between cute and disgusting. Sometimes there's no line at all.

Wikipedia has an interesting description of the Piglet character, noting that he's "a very small animal with a stutter and a generally timid disposition, [who] often conquers his fears and seems to want to be brave." That's a fair description of quite a few stand-up comics.

For the statisticians in the audience, the Pooh gag marks my 25th appearance in Bizarro. There are many more to come, including a special Form 1040 bit next Friday, and something extra in late May.

Catch up on our previous collaborations here.


  1. "pooh gag" indeed! Never could get past that name myself.
    Well done.

  2. I like the published version on this one. If someone were to actually venture to, there's some really funny stuff you could do with ol' Piglet. With a bit of tweaking he could be a really effective smartass.

  3. Excellent joke! Now if we can get Eeyore to stop working "blue."

  4. I was told this joke by a kid: "Why did Piglet have his head down the toilet?" - "Because he was looking for Pooh."