Saturday, January 09, 2021


Well, this year is off to an unfortunately eventful start, isn't it. All I will say about current events at this time is that reliable sources in Hell report that Nixon has been doing cartwheels there since mid-week.

A few readers have mentioned that a significant percentage of my Bizarro gags are cowboy-themed. I recently found some of my elementary school photos, and this one from third grade probably explains a lot.

I insisted that I had to wear that shirt for my school picture. I still believe I made a smart choice.

With the news dominated by cosplaying goons, you may have missed some of the week's comics. For your amusement, we present a handy recap.

For his sixth birthday, he's getting his first corporate directorship.

Remember when narcissists were relatively harmless figures of fun?

They do things the old-fashioned way at Dodge City General Hospital.

By the way, medical research has found that biting down on a leather strap is much more effective than biting a bullet.

Some of the windowsills show signs of waif damage, and the seller failed to disclose that the previous owner was murdered by a pair of drifters.

He needs reading glasses for closeup work, be can see far out just fine.

Sometimes when we cartoonists brainstorm topics for humor, we come up with more than one usable joke. That happened to me a couple of months ago, when I wrote two gags riffing on the phrase "memory foam mattress." The first one ran on December 28, and the other was published today.

Had I found four more variations, I might have run an entire week of memory foam gags.

Thanks to all for reading Bizarro, and for your comments and email. Be sure to visit Dan Piraro's blog, to see what he's cooked up for Sunday's comics page. It's a real beaut this week, and he also offers some solid commentary on the horrible news of the week.

And if you're not reading Dan's surreal western graphic novel, Peyote Cowboy, what are you waiting for? The art is stunning, and he's already twenty episodes into the wild and woolly storyline.

See you next week. Until then, be nice to yourselves and to each other, and don't follow fascists.

Bonus Track

Allen Toussaint
Who's Gonna Help a Brother Get Further

Allen Toussaint (1938-2015) was an American musician, songwriter, arranger and record producer, and a key figure in popular music worldwide. I saw him perform a few times, and was always impressed by his gentle nature and humility. His music is in heavy rotation in my workspace.

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  1. The mental picture of Nixon doing cartwheels in Hell is going to be an endless source of amusement for me.

  2. Tilt a beer mug, nothing comes out, even the head stays in place - it's "memory foam"

  3. Is it just me, or is the man in the previous memory foam cartoon a grown-up version of the kid in this weeks cartoon?

  4. William Safire often wrote columns in the NYTimes recounting his recent "cell-phone conversation with Richard Nixon in Hell" where Nixon had been sent for raising taxes.

  5. All of my childhood pictures were ruined when my house flooded. That was a bummer. But on the brighter side I can still read all of my old Fillmore posters. Happy 2021. Hope it's better.

  6. .....far out just fine”!

    That’s when Stephen Pastis get a “raspberry”!!!

    Best bad punny this week. 🤡🦪

  7. Love your work.
    What if grocery stores posted lettuce prices like gas stations post unleaded gas prices?