Saturday, October 06, 2018

Flip, Flop, & Fly

It's October, Jazz Pickles! The weather at Bizarro Studios North in scenic Hollywood Gardens has been weirdly warm for this time of year, and while we're enjoying the brief return of summer, it feels a little ominous.

Superman has his own complaints about warmer temperatures, as well as the demise of old-fashioned phone booths. His super-sense of smell isn't always an asset.

I drew this gag back in August. If I were doing it today, I'd have some better photo reference for the "something stinks" face.

On second thought, maybe this guy wouldn't be such a good model. I don't believe he represents truth, justice, or the American way.

This kind of thing happens to every tourist walking the English countryside, if one believes horror films. The foreboding pub sign has been a cliche for a long time.
John Landis tweaked this trope in his 1981 film, An American Werewolf in London.

Wednesday's gag is an example of the "Rule of Three" for humor writing, which posits that a trio of similar things is the most effective number for delivering a story or joke. Some speculate that it's because three is the smallest number that establishes a pattern, and economy in writing is always preferred.

This wasn't planned, but suddenly, it looks like Hikers in Peril Week here at Bizarro. This technique for looking your best in a selfie has been confirmed by Cosmopolitan, so it must be true.

Perhaps more humans should follow Wolfie's lead and own up to the fact that they simply like camouflage as a fashion statement. Imagine the reduction in accidental shootings.

Saturday's cartoon is for the typography nerds among my friends and readers.

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