Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hipster Cuisine

As an early Halloween gift to Bizarro readers, we kick off today's post with a cartoon that disgorges treats when you beat it with a stick.

At least the little generalissimo allowed his prisoner one final candy cigarette.

This cartoon is the second piñata-based gag of the year. The first one ran in January, when I'd just come aboard as your daily cartoonist. My inaugural weekly Bizarro blog post featured that gag, plus two naughty rejects.

On the plus side, his migraine's gone.

I encountered this unintentional pun in a poorly-written Yelp review, which I wish I had bookmarked. The angry consumer wrote that their server responded to a complaint "like a deer in the headlines."

The most enjoyable aspect of working on this gag was drawing the beloved cartoon character after he'd gone to seed.

I originally wrote this one in 2011, as part of a batch I submitted for one of my stints as Bizarro's guest cartoonist.
We selected different gags for my guest week, and I slid this image into a "use later" file. I'd forgotten all about it until a few weeks ago, and decided I should do a finished version. 

Although the sketch is dated "18-13-12," the actual tag in the digital file is March 21, 2011.

This is a true farm-to-table restaurant, with no stops along the way.

My initial sketch showed the waiter carrying a smiling piglet, which seemed more upsetting than funny, so we replaced it with a full-grown, indifferent hog.
The strip configuration of this cartoon worked out well, with the dialog interrupting the image, so the pig is the last element the reader discovers.

Some people like to sit on a giant exercise ball while they work. Some prefer a standing desk, while others have treadmills or stationary bikes at their work spaces.

I once knew a guy who really did keep a sleeping bag beneath his desk. When he crawled in and pulled his chair up close, you could walk right by his cubicle and not know he was there, as long as he didn't snore.

As always, thanks for reading Bizarro. Be sure to cruise over to Dan Piraro's blog, to catch up with his latest Sunday page, and read his pithy comments on this week's gags.

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  1. I don't know why, but for some reason the piñata smoking a cigarette strikes me as one of the funniest things about the first cartoon. I also love seeing Bambi with stubble! Kind of like some of the old cartoons that would show ducks going to heaven who sprouted angel wings out of their back (thus giving them 4 wings). Keep up the good work - I look forward to seeing what you've done every day!