Saturday, September 29, 2018

Puttin' On The Ritz

Happy Saturday, Jazz Pickles. It's a hectic day here at BSN. My musical colleagues and I are loading up equipment and steaming our suits for tonight's gig celebrating the release of our debut CD.
The Red Beans & Rice Combo
(l-r) Dave Klug, Wayno, Tom Roberts
We wish you could all be here for the fun. If you'd like to check us out (and support your local cartoonist), the album is available at Amazon, CD Baby, Itunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

Now that my commercial is out of the way, let's review the week in cartoons.

The dummy's name is Marshall Stax. 

My initial sketch took a weirdly different approach to the idea of a very large dummy.
We decided to scrap that first version, because you almost never see a left-handed ventriloquist.

When a dog or cat loses its collar, 97.5 percent of pet owners will joke that their animal is naked. That's a known fact.

I once threw a plumber out of my house, after he'd written a $17,000 repair estimate without for an ordinary clog (later remedied within 10 minutes by a non-thieving professional). Weeks later, a hapless employee of the crooked company called to ask me to take a customer satisfaction survey. It didn't go well.

Dog-whistling often attracts the wrong followers, and their stench is nearly impossible to scrub away, but apparently it's a hard habit to break. Just saying.

A waiter and customer attempt to out-curate each other in this hipsterish display of metaphorical chest thumping.
In case you were wondering, our man's Leporine Jazz album is, of course, a mono promotional copy on the Pickle Records label.

Serving suggestion photos are the original misleading profile pictures. The cereal boxes of my childhood years are largely responsible for my deep-seated cynicism.

As always, sincere thanks to those who read and comment on Bizarro, those who share the comic without altering the art or cropping out the credit line, and especially to those who put up with my weekly blog posts.

Please also check out Dan Piraro's blog, for his insightful analysis of the week's gags, and to admire his latest Sunday page. That's also where you can snag official Bizarro swag.

Bonus Track

A favorite selection from the Captain.

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  1. The second I saw the Wheat Thins comics, I thought of every single McDonald's photo here in Japan. There are no truth in advertising laws in Japan. Wheaty would do well here.

    Best of luck with the new album! I hope it out-sells Leporine!