Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Extraterrestrial Condiments

Today's Bizarro comic returns to Area 51, a place I've featured in an earlier cartoon.
For this simple gag, Dan's final art follows my submission sketch very closely.
The major difference (besides transforming it from a rough sketch to a fully-rendered image) is the change from a talking bottle of ketchup to a talking bottle of Heinz 57 Sauce. That tweak makes the connection to the number 57 a little stronger, and a bottle of 57 Sauce is more colorful than a bottle of ketchup, so it's a little stronger in that respect. 
Our previous collaborations are archived here under the Bizarro label. We've cooked up two new panels, which will appear in a couple of weeks, including a rare (for me) sports-related gag.
By the way, Heinz products don't really come from outer space. They originate in my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA. In my elementary school days, the highlight of the year was a field trip to the Heinz plant. At the end of the tour, we'd receive a small gift box containing a couple of sample size products, and the highly-prized Heinz pickle pin.


  1. haha- that pickle pin pic sure looks a lot bigger than the actual item, as I recall...

  2. I like how Dan made his 57 guy an alien....as if he comes from the secret base that houses aliens shaped like condiment bottles.