Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Embarrassed to Death

Anyone who's shown up for an event in inappropriate attire (i.e. most Americans) will relate to today's Bizarro comic.
The submission sketch for this one was very sketchy indeed.
Dan Piraro's finished art includes a wonderfully elaborate paisley pattern on the Casual Reaper's shroud, which posed a bit of a challenge for the colorist. Also, it's no small achievement to draw skulls with recognizable facial expressions.

Our next collaborative comic will appear on Saturday, February 4, and the eighty-odd prior ones are all stored in this blog's Bizarro archive.


  1. Quite funny.

    Of course I'm a horror writer.

  2. Wayno,

    Is there any way you would include your images in the RSS feed? I always read your blog offline and it certainly misses a lot without images. Great work!


  3. Denzel, I'd be happy to do that, if I knew how! Is it an option in Blogger's settings?