Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Boy and His Dogboy

I'm happy to report that Bizarro has survived my recent temporary takeover. My sincere thanks go out to everyone who sent me comments on the comics, and again, to Dan Piraro for allowing me to show my work in his space. I'll probably wait a week or two before I propose another one.

Meanwhile, here's our latest collaboration, a pop culture mashup that uses a verbal trick I refer to as a streptonym.
Dan's art for this one follows the submission sketch very closely, which is gratifying, as it tells me that he was happy with the staging and design.
Just a few months back, this gag would have been incomprehensible to most readers. Now, the name Tintin will (at least) be familiar, thanks to a new film introducing the 80-year old character to American audiences.

We've got many more new yuks lined up for you in 2012. All of our previous joint efforts are viewable under this blog's Bizarro label.

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