Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Fall to Pieces

Here's a cartoon for Devil's Night:
Mister Piraro's art always shines in his Sunday panels. Everything about this one is right on the money: the staging, the color, light and shadow effects, the facial expressions on the main characters, and the secondary denizens of the bar. It's a real beauty! The Bride resembles Joan Cusack, who, come to think of it, is an actor who'd be perfect for expressing the resignation, sadness, and humor in this scene.

The rough I submitted is laid out like a daily panel, and is of course, very sketchy.
Dan and I both enjoy gags where something very strange happens to a normal person, or one that attaches a surprising image to a common phrase, as we did here.

Please do enjoy our previous collaborations, and follow my 140-character offerings.

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