Friday, June 03, 2011

Simian Suds and a Cigar Smoking Scribbler

It's been a while since I've designed a beer label, but I always enjoy working with Scott at East End Brewing Company. He's a good friend and a good neighbor, and he always has interesting, fun ideas for his projects.

Here's the latest item, which I understand is already in the bottles and awaiting application of labels, now that the Federal authorities have given their approval.

Scott contacted me about doing the label last month, during what turned out to be quite a monkeycentric week. Within days I started sketching this pipe-smoking specimen, got a preview of an upcoming Bizarro gag involving monkeys, and designed a half-dozen simian characters for a project that must remain secret for the time being. 

For a guy born in the Year of the Monkey, that week had a pleasantly eerie vibe.

Speaking of Bizarro... be sure to check out the funny papers tomorrow and Sunday for two new (non-monkey) gags from Your Humble Bloggerator, and if you're within driving distance of Pittsburgh, please plan to attend Comics for Comics III,  featuring the Bizarro Cartoon Comedy Show! Dan Piraro his very self will do one of his rare live comedy sets, talking about his life and work as a cartoonist, showing old family photos and some of his best work, and strumming a guitar he's borrowing from me. Another good pal of mine, Nathan Mazur, will open the show with some of his hilarious animations. The show benefits The ToonSeum.

Let's pack the Rex Theatre for Dan's visit to P-burgh!


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