Monday, May 16, 2011

Bizarro Guest Week: May 16 - May 22

Who is this guy, anyway?

Welcome, new readers (and thanks to the regulars). Some of you may have stumbled across this blog after seeing a link in Bizarro, and this post is intended to serve as an introduction.

I'm a cartoonist, writer and illustrator, and have been contributing gags to Bizarro for a couple of years now.

I created all of this week's Bizarro cartoons,
filling in as best I could for Dan Piraro's brilliant work. I completed my seven comics earlier this year, and they were put into the publishing queue two weeks ago, while Dan took a little vacation. I'm honored to be minding the store this week.

Dan's talent as a cartoonist always impressed me, long before we met. Working with him—as a collaborator, or as guest cartoonist
is a pleasure, and a high spot of my career.

Thanks for finding your way to the blog. I hope you'll become a regular. 

Please also follow my Twitterings (which are brief and not ridiculously frequent), visit my illustration website or Facebook thing, check out my online store, and view my rock & roll portraits at Portland's Rock Pop Gallery

All of my previous collaborations with Dan Piraro are archived on this blog under the Bizarro label

Now, here are this week's offerings. I'll update every day or two, adding the latest material.
Monday, May 16
I was always curious about the significance of that number.
Tuesday, May 17
Guys love that bad girl look.
Wednesday, May 18
He's hoping that cookies are enabled.
Thursday, May 19
A rare moment of self-awareness.
Friday, May 20

Laffs on the ledge. My favorite of the week.
Saturday, May 21
 They hold rallies at shopping malls.
Sunday, May 22
 From Hell on Monday to Heaven on Sunday...

Thanks for the feedback and reposts. I hope you enjoyed the week's cartoons. Dan Piraro will retake control of Bizarro on Monday morning.


  1. Yay, Wayno! This is very cool!

  2. Congrats! Looking forward to a hilarious week!

  3. Hey! Where's Piraro!? You SUCK!!

    (just wanted the first comment to be upbeat) Thanks for your stellar work, pal.

  4. 666 Power Point slides would most definitely be Hell! As usual Wayno, you have a uniquely twisted approach to the everyday things that torture us in oh so many ways! Love it!

  5. I notice that Satan looks a little like Dan.

  6. Cool! You got a nice fill-in gig! Way to go!

  7. hehehe I love the PowerPoint one.

  8. Bravo man! These are AWESOME!