Sunday, June 05, 2011

Feline Theology & Nordic Graduation

My stint as Dan Piraro's guest cartoonist is over, and it was a great experience. We're planning a reprise in the fall, and I've started working on that. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, even the few complainers.
I'm still coloring the Bizarro dailies and contributing gags. Here are the two most recent, appearing back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday.
Dan's final version of the preaching cat sketch is similar to my sketch, with a slight shift in perspective and a little more detail, along with an added line of dialog.

I originally drew the cat wearing a pope's mitre, but we decided to delete that, as this isn't supposed to be specifically a Catholic feline. The white area above his head is the digital erasure of the papal headgear.
This is something of an obvious, silly cat joke, but it's also meant to gently comment on the tendency of humans to imagine/choose gods in their own image, and then spin it in the opposite direction.

The dialog in the Viking gag wasn't changed at all, but it was a nice surprise to see Mr. Piraro expand it into a panoramic Sunday page.
Our next collaboration will pop up on June 10. 

As always, you can review my previous Bizarro appearances by clicking on the Bizarro label.
My hometown friends will have a rare opportunity to see Dan's comedy show this coming Thursday, June 9, at the fabulous Rex Theatre on the South Side. Tickets are available here

VIP ticket holders can attend a pre-show reception where you can meet the affable Mr. Piraro, and snag a limited edition signed poster created just for this event. I've seen the poster and it's a beauty!

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  1. Both of those are funny. Especially the Viking spot. I also like the extra line that yer collaborator added to the cat joke.