Monday, May 09, 2011

Sociobiological Paronomasia

Here we go again, with another Bizarro gag written by Your Humble Blogger and drawn by the amazing Dan Piraro. This one should be a hit with natural scientists.
For comparison, here's my sketch of the comic:
The gag is based on two different meanings of the word "host." In the social sense, a host's counterpart is a guest. The joke references the biological meaning, where a parasite seeks a host to feed on, lay eggs in, etc.

Fortunately, very few of my own social experiences led to guests becoming parasitic, and I like to think that I've never made that transition myself.

Coloring this one was a little tricky, being a nighttime scene that includes illumination from the house's interior lights. I must admit, I needed some assistance from Dan to get it right, while maintaining the Bizarro look. Eventually, it came out okay.

Dan also tightened up the dialog, which works better than in the original.
My temporary takeover of Bizarro begins one week from today, and in exactly a month, on June 9, Dan Piraro brings his standup comedy act to Pittsburgh, at this year's Comics For Comics event, benefiting the ToonSeum. All local readers must attend!


  1. Hey, do those guests look a little like Lester and me?

  2. Both of those are laugh out loud funny! I do like the expressions on your thumbnails a little more than the finished version, but the published one is quite good. One of the best collaborations between you guys.

  3. Gwyn: No ma'am! You two are delightful guests, not to mention gracious hosts.