Saturday, June 06, 2020

Show of Hands

Congratulations to all of us for getting through another week during this crazy, frightening, and stressful time.

If you're in need of a few minutes of distraction, we offer a nostalgic look back at the week in Bizarro.
Our character's elementary school teachers always knew when he needed to be excused to go to the boys' room.
In my mental photo library, giant foam hands are (almost) always red, so that's the way I initially colored this panel. It turned out looking horribly painful, and made me uneasy, so I rejected that choice.

I'm sometimes guilty of run-on texting. When I compose a reply, I often imagine the person on the receiving end seeing this:
Fun fact: While searching for an image of the above doodad, I learned that it's called a "typing awareness indicator."

It happens to all of us, froggy. 

I recently watched a fascinating PBS Nature program on frogs, presented by Sir David Attenborough. It may have provided some inspiration for Wednesday's comic.
I can't decide whether this gag works better as a panel or a strip. What do you think?

Thursday's cartoon is based on a scene from a never-released Snow White prequel. Sleepy had a rough time, but no dwarf had crueler parents than the ill-fated Dopey.

Puppets get lonely, too.

I'm not sure why, but I now notice that we had two hand-based gags this week. 

Officer Frosty stumbled across the site of horrible niveous experiments. 
The magic of Photoshop allowed me to go overboard when configuring the strip layout of this gag.

Thank you for reading and commenting, as always.  Please visit my collaborator Dan Piraro's blog to view his latest marvelous Sunday Bizarro page, and see what he has to say about this week's cartoons.

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  1. I follow Bizarro daily and enjoy reading "the why" you provide in your weekly column. I occasionally can not find all of the "hidden" ones. Is there somewhere to go to see what I missed e.g. I could only find 3 items in the 6/6 post? Thanks.

    1. Hello, Neil!

      Thank you for reading the comics and the blog. We appreciate every reader.

      We don’t publish a key for each comic’s secret symbols. I’d have to hire an assistant for that task, and I’m too cheap to consider it. :^)

      Regarding the 6/6 panel... sometimes one secret symbol is inside another one.

  2. I think the strip version of the frog/pollywog is better. And thank you for finding the name of those annoying dots.

    1. Thanks! I like the strip version too.

  3. Jerry Seinfeld, in his most recent Netflix special, calls those dots “ghost dots”.