Saturday, July 20, 2019

Three Ring Science

With a record heatwave affecting two-thirds of the US this weekend, staying indoors to read a blog post about cartoons is a relatively healthy activity.

Here's a look at what we've been up to at Bizarro Studios North.

We kicked off the week with the latest in our never-ending series of clown gags. I apologize to physics teachers everywhere, who have probably heard this mispronunciation before.
The strip configuration of this comic includes a peek at a specialized piece of lab equipment on the left edge of the image. It seems to be some sort of accelerator.

Tuesday's gag confirms the fact that corporate jargon has made its way into the avian workplace.

Wednesday's cartoon is a simple turnaround gag, which, while fun to draw, made me thirsty for a Mai Tai.

Job seekers should target organizations that offer opportunities for advancement. This young lad followed the practice of dressing for the job you want.

readers noted a resemblance to Ernie Bushmiller's Sluggo. I'm a fan of Bushmiller's Nancy comic strip, and did indeed draw this character as a tip of the hat to Ernie.

In related news, Zippy the Pinhead's creator, Bill Griffith, is currently working on a graphic biography of Ernie Bushmiller, based on deep primary research. We're eagerly anticipating this new book here at BSN.

No one who's serious about conservation still wears a ten-gallon hat, even in the wild west.

One could say we bookended the week with clowns, if jesters count.

Keep yourself cool, and check out Dan Piraro's weekly blog, where you can see what he has to say about this batch of gags, and admire his always-stunning Bizarro Sunday page.

Bonus Track

Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag"
performed by Tom McDermott

This bonus track isn't related to or inspired by any of the week's cartoons, but is included simply to share a beautiful performance by a master musician. This past Tuesday, I had the good fortune of hearing pianist and composer Tom McDermott at an intimate house concert not far from BSN, and this piece was part of the evening's selections. 


Tom's a wonderful performer, a crack historian, and an all-around swell gent. I highly recommend his new CD, Tom McDermott Meets Scott Joplin, as well as his illustrated book of limericks, Five Lines, No Waiting

It turns out he's also a regular Bizarro reader, which flatters us to no end.

Tom McDermott & Wayno, July 16, 2019

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  1. House concerts are the best! And I loved that Maple Leaf Rag. I’ll definitely check out his album.