Saturday, July 13, 2019

Shaving Custard

It's been another productive week here at Bizarro Studios North. Let's review our latest published output.

Monday's cartoon is based on a real concern for people with parrots and other long-lived pets. A friend responded positively to this cartoon, noting that their avian companion is indeed covered by their will, but made no mention of a saltine clause in the document.

This panel was retweeted by The Ernest Becker Foundation. They're a nonprofit whose mission is to advance understanding of how the unconscious denial of mortality influences human behavior. I'd not heard of the foundation before noticing that they shared the cartoon, and have been looking around their site. Their work is fascinating, and among their projects is an examination of ways in which humans' fear of death can be used to manipulate behavior, particularly in political messaging. They also explore the role of humor in thinking about death, which is where we cartoonists come in.

If you steam those armored knights, they pop right open, making them favorites among fire-breathing dragons.

This one was prompted by a public service announcement about standing water as a likely breeding spot for mosquitoes, which is worth remembering in the wettest year on record here in the US.

The art was flipped horizontally for the strip layout. It required very little additional drawing: an extension of the desk and vase, and a few straight lines on the back wall.
Filling in the solid black area on the left side, however, almost made it look like an entirely new drawing.

I was pleased with the simplicity of this one, and the self-referential conundrum presented by the eightball's message. The caption is almost unnecessary, but it provides an extra beat to punctuate the gag.

It's become clear that we'll never run out of clown gags, and I'm always happy when I can tell a joke without words. 

I had some fun with the strip layout, adding a reflection of the barber's pole in a wall-mounted mirror...
...but only in the color strip.
Check the funny pages on Monday for yet another clown cartoon.

Mindful eating is often defined as chewing slowly, without distractions, being aware of each bite, and appreciating one's food. It could also mean doing these things in order to savor the annoyance of a parent. It's a matter of perspective.

In social media news, the July 5 cartoon got significant traction on Instagram, with over a quarter of a million views, and over 25,000 likes.
I guess I should do more bagpipe gags, although all of that internet activity resulted in a gross income bump of zero.

Don't forget to look in on Dan Piraro's blog to see what he has to say about this batch of laffs, and to gaze in wonder at his latest panoramic Sunday Bizarro page.

Bonus Track

Calling back to Friday's wordless cartoon, here's a favorite funk record without words, or at least without lyrics. There are a few shouts of encouragement in the mix. Nevertheless, it's a great record, with a perfect summertime vibe.

   H "Gatur Bait," by the Gaturs

The Gaturs were a New Orleans band led by keyboard player and occasional vocalist Willie Tee (born Wilson Turbinton). The Gaturs only released a handful of 45s, but every one is a killer. Had some fun with the ttps://

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  1. Wayno, had no idea what mindfulness was until it was referred to in a Simpsons episode. So I was able to fully appreciate your cartoon thanks to Principal Skinner. And thanks to you for calling people's attention to the longevity of parrots and our lack of foresight