Saturday, June 22, 2019

Summertime Blues

The Summer Solstice occurred yesterday, so we're now getting fewer hours of sunlight with each passing day. All we can do is face every day with laughter. I hope this week's gags gave you a chuckle or two.

Fear of heights is a common phobia, and I figured at least some people must be afraid of widths. I wanted to use that expression in a gag, so this one was reverse engineered to include the phrase. I felt the dialog needed a little something more, and came up with the caption.

Children and pets can also serve as accessories, or even fitness equipment. By the time the kid's a teenager, Mom will have calves of steel.

This artist found a way to get those ideas that appear in dreams on canvas before they fade away.

He's getting a fifty percent discount on the fine. What's truly surprising is that when he's sober, he can't get that pocket square folded just right.

We love to tweak superheroes here at Bizarro Studios, and one of our favorite objects of ridicule is the Hulk. For today's gag, we imagine a citizen of a world populated by Hulk people, and the tragic results of a laboratory accident.

The panelists had a lively backstage discussion comparing tools and techniques.

Thank you for following our antics. Don't miss Dan Piraro's weekly blog post for his comments on this week's cartoons and a fresh Sunday page.

Bonus Track

"Sumer Is Icumen In" from the soundtrack to The Wicker Man.


  1. Yesterday I saw someone pushing a stroller that had mesh fabric surrounding the passenger seat. It turned out to be a dog stroller. It was a small dog so it wasn't helping with her cardio target. But the dog seemed to be enjoying the ride just like yours.

  2. My husband, a longtime news reporter for channel 7 in Boston, now retired, still gets a laugh out of "senseless violence" which closely resembles "drunk and orderly." He likes to compare it to SENSIBLE violence and we often have a good laugh trying to define what sensible violence might be. It goes with a variety of other familiar refrains:

    "He turned his life around."
    "He's really a GOOD boy."
    "No one was supposed to get hurt."
    "Anyone would have done the same thing."

    And finally, "Stay in the car."

  3. The Wicker Man has got to be one of the all time scariest movies ever created. And the music was primordial. Excellent choice for the solstice.