Saturday, June 15, 2019

Strawberry Surprise

Tomorrow is Fathers' Day. The staff and management at Bizarro Studios North send our best wishes to all of the dads reading this post. 

I expect that tomorrow, like every morning, my kids will leave gifts for me to find.

My gift to you is a recap of the week's cartoons.

Monday's panel answers the eternal question, "Where do you get your ideas?"

I put myself in this picture, along with a few admired colleagues. Since I'm the one most in need of help, they let me jump to the front of the line. Behind me are Hilary Price, Dave Blazek, Keith Knight, and Rina Piccolo. If you're not familiar with their cartoons, please go check them out. 

After you've viewed the work of these fine folks, I encourage you to keep exploring. There are tons of cartoonists out there creating terrific material. If I were to try to depict all of my compatriots whose work inspires me, it would require a comic strip a mile wide.

Tuesday's gag might require a quick Google search to remind readers of the fifth task of Hercules. Junior seems to think his household chore is equal to dad's massive cleanup effort.

On planets illuminated by a yellow sun, Kryptonians not only acquire super powers, but also super insecurities. With his ultra-sharp ears, Superman constantly hears local citizens questioning his identity.

It's only a matter of time until the American healthcare-industrial complex finds a way to monetize comfort animals, thus simultaneously relieving and creating anxiety in patients.

Although I don't watch sports, I fully recognize the power disparity between players and owners, and my sympathies lie with the workers on the front lines.

It's so realistically mundane!

Thanks for checking in. Don't forget to cruise over to Dan Piraro's blog for his take on the weeks drollery, and a fresh new Bizarro Sunday page.

Bonus Track


  1. I, too, thought of Tom Waits' 'Ice Cream Man' . . . I have his first five albums/CDs in my SONOS player, so he comes on quite frequently. I'm not so thrilled with his 'newest' oeuvre, however. What do you think? His wife's influence, mayhaps?


  2. I like all of his work, overall. But the trio of Swordfishtrombones, Rain Dogs, and Frank's Wild Years are my favorite era, and that's when Kathleen Brennan started working with him.

    I'd guess that his work changes and evolves in ways that keep it interesting to him. He's an experimenter and explorer.

    By the way, my band performs Ice Cream Man as part of our regular repertoire, and I really enjoy doing it, thanks to the two great musicians I get to work with: Tom Roberts on piano and Dave Klug on drums & percussion

  3. So we're opposites; maybe I like his 'older' stuff 'cause that's what he was doing when I attended one of his cabaret-style shows years ago; still sharp in my memory.

  4. PS. Have you read his biographies?

    1. No, I haven’t read a Waits bio. Would you recommend one to check out?