Saturday, May 04, 2019


Today's update was written well in advance and posted automatically, so I can avoid the Internet today. I'm trying to get through the day without encountering the phrase "May the fourth be with you." 

To atone for exposing you to that overused pun, here are six cartoons and some lovely music played by a lovely man.

They're skeptical of spectacles, and are known in the neighborhood as myopia deniers, though they say they're simply "lens hesitant." The family's scientific heroes are Jenny McCarthy and Rob Schneider.

This story has a happy ending: The mad king appointed the princess and the fool as his senior advisors.

A jury of one's peers is okay, but a judge with one's genes is even better. Just ask [fill in any name from recent political sentencing news].

Great Grandpa can sleep soundly now, thanks to the reassuring bedtime story. That, and a triple bourbon.

Sometimes sugarcoating the message helps after all.

I consulted reference photos for the guitar geeks in our readership, but I undoubtedly got some details wrong. I'll claim it was just a strategy to prompt comments correcting me.

The caption features a form of wordplay that I call a streptonym. The name hasn't caught on yet, but I'm sticking with it. Are you listening, OED?

Check out my partner Dan Piraro's blog, where he comments on this week's cartoons, and shares some wonderful personal news.

Bonus Track

Mentioning guitars gave me a convenient excuse to share this video of Pittsburgh native Joe Negri playing the jazz standard "Body and Soul."

Joe is recognized around the world for portraying "Handyman Negri" on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood for almost 40 years. He's known around Pittsburgh as a beloved teacher and a fine, friendly gentleman, who in real life is even nicer than his fictional character. He recently retired from his teaching position in the Music department at the University of Pittsburgh at age 92, and he'll be missed around the campus.


  1. Oh wow, Joe Negri! I remember him from when I was kid and he would occasionally appear of Paul Shannon's "Adventure Time"! It's good to know he is still around!

  2. Could the Judge and prisoner be related to Sad Sack?

  3. Great video. It makes me wish I had kept studying chord melody as a kid like my guitar teacher wanted me to. Well, at least one of her students at the time did keep studying. She always told us about him and how he was going to go on to big things. Do you know of Jim Campilongo? He's in The Little Willies with Norah Jones and Fender made a Jim Campilongo signature Telecaster.

  4. SSteve,

    I wasn't aware of Jim Campilongo, but I'm exploring his work now. He's got an impressive resume and discography!

    Thanks for the tip!