Saturday, April 20, 2019

Green Eggs and Hammers

Before you go off to hide hard-boiled eggs in the yard, why not take a look back at the week in Bizarro cartoons?
Monday's gag depicts dual meanings of the word "monitor." This happened shortly after the company announced the introduction of "enhanced supervision techniques."

Readers are welcome to imagine which actors would do the voices for this nonexistent animated feature.

Further evidence that climate change is real.

The norm for haiku in English is a sequence of three non-rhyming lines consisting of five, seven, and five syllables, although that requirement has been relaxed in recent times. I felt that the familiar 5-7-5 form was necessary for this gag to work, and, I prefer haiku conforming to those constraints.

Speaking of poetry, if you enjoy well-done limericks, check out Five Lines, No Waiting, by piano virtuoso Tom McDermott. His new CD of Scott Joplin compositions is also recommended. Both items are available from Louisiana Music Factory.

For Good Friday, we offered a Biblical forecast.

Fortunately COBRA insurance covers the hoodie of shame.

For further smartypants commentary and a groovy Easter Sunday Bizarro page, check out Dan's Piraro's blog.

Bonus Track

Note: Some YouTube videos are not available outside the US.

The verses of "Moonlight in Vermont" follow the 5-7-5 haiku format. The song was written by John Blackburn and Karl Suessdorf, and was published in 1944. It was first recorded by Margaret Whiting. This Billie Holiday version is from 1957.


  1. Your cartoons are fun
    Witty, urbane and thoughtful
    Keep up the good work

  2. Bizarro's readers
    Are intelligent and kind
    I see what you did



  3. Enjoying life more with your help. Thanks! - would have bolded this but let go of how to close out HTML :-)