Saturday, April 13, 2019

All My Dough

It's the last weekend before Tax Day here in the US. That's the deadline for twenty-six percent of our country's eligible voters to see yet another example of the damage caused by their horrible choice, although they'll probably fail (or refuse) to recognize it.

This scene might represent a form of progress, or it could be a case of substituting one obsessive behavior for another. At least digital music and books are less physically exhausting to rearrange.

This investigator knows it's better to wait until a case is cold before opening it. Especially when it's a hoppy brew.

Artie had been refusing dessert until they found him a proper pudding grail.

Did we have several conversations with our editors to discuss the punctuation in that second sentence? Yes, we did.

I've never sneezed while unlocking my phone, but I occasionally distort my face and see if it recognizes me. I've only fooled it once.

Extreme dehydration has been known to result in rude behavior. At least he didn't ask for sparkling water.

If you enjoy this commentary, I recommend reading Dan Piraro's Bizarro Blog, where he also discusses the week's comics, and shows off his cartooning prowess with his latest Sunday panel.

Bonus Track

A video from 1966 that's blurry, slightly out of sync, and sublime.

   Note: Some YouTube videos are not available outside the US.


  1. Great headbutt with the Kinks. Like the punctuation yes-yes, pointer. Now I have to go unbend my over-taxed brain, in the summer time.

  2. I can picture how heated the argument between m-dash and semicolon must have gotten. Did it come to fisticuffs?