Saturday, March 16, 2019

Too Much Information

Tomorrow is officially Saint Patrick's Day. 

March 17 is thought to be the anniversary of the Christian missionary's death. Americans traditionally celebrate this cultural and religious event on the nearest Saturday by engaging in excessive drinking of tinted beer, donning ridiculous outfits, screaming in bars as countless faux-Irish bands play the same handful of songs, and public purging of bodily fluids. Venturing out to dinner on this particular Saturday is nearly as foolhardy as doing it on Valentine's Day.

we remain safe and warm inside Bizarro Studios North, sipping a Guinness as our corned beef & cabbage simmers, we offer a recap of the week's cartoon shenanigans.

McRodent's food isn't just fast, it scurries. They call this one the Unhappy Meal.

Tuesday's gag reveals the origin of the cliche, "so clean, you can eat off the floor."

At least it's organic, and promises a shorter wait till the regurgitation begins.

The word "clement," meaning "mild," is so rarely used that it sounds like a joke.

Thanks, Bill, but we really didn't need to know that.

Saturday's cartoon pictures the newly popular "He's led an otherwise blameless life" defense.

Thanks for reading Bizarro, and for your comments and shares throughout the week. You deserve a gold star for following up with the blog. For even more behind-the-panel analysis, check out my collaborator Dan Piraro's weekly posting, along with his latest Sunday page.

By the way, Dan recently gave his website a makeover, and included a nice little blurb in the FAQs explaining a bit about how we divide up the duties at Bizarro Studios:
Who's Wayno?

Before January 1, 2018, Dan wrote and drew over 95% of the gags for Bizarro. After almost 35 years of writing and drawing a joke every single day, Dan has given himself a much-deserved break, and now only creates the Sunday cartoons. The Monday-through-Saturday cartoons are now all drawn and written by Dan’s good friend and colleague, Wayno, although they collaborate on many of the ideas and discuss how to make each one the best it can be.
Here's Dan's blog post with a detailed explanation.

And, for comparison, my own announcement.

Bonus Track

In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, we present the greatest Irish punk record of all time.

NOTE: Some YouTube videos are unavailable outside the U.S.

Don't take my word for it. John Peel, the legendary BBC disc jockey, chose a line from "Teenage Kicks" to serve as his epitaph.

Photo by Peter Tarleton, CC BY-SA 2.0


  1. RE: Green beer. Spirulina isn't exactly an algae, but pretty close, and it'll turn anything you put it into bright green.

  2. Please create some more Beer Nutz comics. I miss those guys.