Saturday, March 30, 2019

Them Bones

I had a grand time at last Saturday's Hell With Lid Off barleywine festival. A tip of the old porkpie to the crew at Kelly's Bar & Lounge for managing the logistics of this spectacular event. A few customers even asked me to autograph their posters, which was flattering and enjoyable.

I hope the week's cartoons are worthy of following HWTLO.

This employee's performance review was harsh, but accurate to the first decimal place. The minimum requirement for advancement is eighty percent-baked.

Tueday's cartoon blurs the line between health coaching and life coaching.

Shoats these days have no respect for decorum. This one was fun to draw, and I had to concentrate on making the younger pig look neat and clean.

In a weird way, it makes sense.

This does make him look bright and shiny, but as soon as he's applied all of the whitening strips, it's time to start peeling them off again.

I'm reasonably certain this is the first time the word "broccolini" has appeared in a Bizarro cartoon. 

Don't forget to peek into Dan Piraro's weekly blog post for a fresh Sunday page, additional wisecracks about last week's cartoons, and strong opinions about a couple of animals from the funny pages.

Bonus Track

Louis Armstrong: The Skeleton in the Closet (1936)

Louis Daniel Armstrong (1901-1971) was the greatest American musician of all time, and his recorded legacy is unmatched. Do not try to contradict me on this point*.

For this fan, Armstrong's sweetest spot was 1931 heading into 1932. If you ever run across a copy of this CD, I recommend snagging it:

* Even so, I would happily live the rest of my days without ever again hearing his recordings of Mame; Hello, Dolly; and What a Wonderful World. I could, however, listen to the 1931 version of Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams any day or time.

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