Saturday, February 23, 2019

A Mean Left Hook

Before we get to the recap of the latest batch of Bizarro cartoons, I must share my favorite real estate photo of the week. This is from an actual online listing for a house in the greater Pittsburgh area.
When staging your home for sale, remember to make it look warm and inviting by including a photo showcasing your collection of Chuckie dolls.

This caption was suggested by a friend of Dan Piraro, who sent it along to me as possible fodder for a gag. Dan wrote, "Is it a guy at the bottom of the ocean trying to sell something funny to an octopus or crab? Or something else?"

After pondering it for a few days, I came up with this bit of underground theater featuring Willy Low Man.

Some experiences are universal.

Although it's a pun-based gag, we did our homework to get the first line of dialog translated correctly, and studied reference photos of Marcel Proust and the type of paper he used for his manuscripts.

Proust did in fact finish writing Swann's Way in 1912. We may sometimes be silly, but we always strive for accuracy.

Once these offspring start school, the parent will spend most of the day packing lunches.

These resourceful buccaneers have found a way to save money while preparing for a frigid journey. It's not widely known, but pirates are as proud of their frugality as of their brutality.

I didn't draw a graphic representation of a the sound of the phone for this comic because the character's ringtone was set to "dog whistle." The motion lines were required, since the phone was also set to vibrate.

Sharp-eyed readers will notice that these characters are enjoying cans of Arf (The drink dogs ask for by name.)

For additional insights and wisecracks, direct your browsing device to Dan Piraro's Bizarro blog. While you're there, gaze in wonder at his latest magnificent Sunday page, and pick up some of that sweet Bizarro swag.

Bonus Track

This week's musical selection is "Chicken Strut," by the Meters. Recorded in New Orleans and released in 1970, this record shows why the band are widely known as founding fathers of funk.

Disclaimer: Some YouTube music videos are unavailable outside the US.


Alan said...

That tune was okay, but my choice for chickens would be

Wayno said...

Alan, your choice is super fine indeed. You can’t go wrong with Amos Milburn.

TSOTE said...

In the "free for lunch" panel, I thought these were the kind of fish that eat their young. Would have made for a better "free meal deal".