Saturday, December 15, 2018

Off the Shelf

This week's post will be less verbose than usual, since the Combo is loading up the van for a special holiday gig tonight.

Sometimes it's tough to decide. Fortunately, this restaurant offers tasting flights.

Tuesday's cartoon shows the universality of playing in the snow, and creating icons in our own image. It's an interstellar wonderland.

Did he mention that his hat is made from hand-knitted hemp fiber? In the spirit of "fool" disclosure, I must admit to owning one of those little Italian coffee pots myself, and have even been known to post photos of it.

In real life, mad scientists are few and far between. However, bad science is all the rage these days, in some circles.

We held out as long as we could, but we felt compelled to run a holiday-themed gag. This insidious character certainly adds an Orwellian touch to the season.

The police sketch artist in Pumpkintown has the easiest job on the force.

Thanks for following and reading. Be sure to check out Dan Piraro's blog for deeper insight into this week's cartoons.

Bonus Track

This is a fascinating, oddball record. It was a quick cash-in on the 1960s Batman TV show, a throwaway project for kids. The producers hired musicians to play a version of the Batman theme, and, apparently, whatever else they felt like doing. "The Sensational Guitars of Dan & Dale" was a totally fictional band, but was made up of stellar players who were actually members of Al Kooper's Blues Project and the Sun Ra Arkestra.


  1. The Batman song is pretty funny. It seems to be in the same vein as Bad Manner's Bonanza Ska.

    "Waiter, I'll have the juicy flied lice grill, please."

  2. Apropos of nothing, I just got myself a Franken stein. It's a stein made up of other steins.

  3. Hmm. Wrong Hands just did a related joke on this...