Saturday, December 29, 2018

Farcical Gas

Well, my first 52 weeks at Bizarro have flown by. My actual one-year anniversary is January 1, but I think I'll celebrate now, and again on Monday.

This is a good time to extend my thanks to everyone whose support and encouragement kept me going. These good peeps know who they are. If you're reading this blog post, that means you too.

On to the past week in cartoons.

We kicked off the week with a traditional Christmas scene, from the short story The Gift of the Magus who Couldn't Be There in Person.

A dedicated humorist is willing to suffer for his art. Once again, we dip into the bottomless well of clown gags.

The HR representative had backup to help understand the applicant's responses, since his mother accompanied him on the job interview. She's seated out of frame.

The poor guy will never get ahead in corporate America unless he can conquer this character flaw.

Felines know how to play head games with their human companions, and will exhibit weird and troubling symptoms right up until the time they see the vet. My two favorite details in this panel are the Eyeball of Observation on the poster showing a parasite's life cycle, and the self-satisfied look on the cat's face. He knows he's got a couple of suckers on the line.

Saturday's gag provides a peek into the near future, based on focus group studies.

Bonus Track

Be sure to read Dan Piraro's blog, and check out his latest Sunday Bizarro page.

And please do come back to this blog next week. I hear my Bizarro one year service award is in the mail, and maybe I'll show it off.


  1. Thank you for the link to 'Classical Gas' - so many memories (and such a nice-looking guy!) . . . I wonder if this was the first time a full orchestra was used in a 'popular' song (I think Moody Blues' 'Days of Future Past' get the credit for that). And it led to 'Telstar', another memory-inducing song, with some real innovations. Really nice way to start the day - thanks!

    PS. I like to listen to all your Bonus Tracks, just to be introduced to music I'd not hear on my own.

  2. Happy one year anniversary, Wayno! You are doing great work!

  3. Amazing work! Bravo, Wayno!

  4. Hi Wayno,
    I just want to say Happy Anniversary! That was a very fast year! You said you were going to celebrate today and again on Monday. Don't forget Tuesday, the actual day of your Anniversary!!
    Take care and Happy New Year to you!

  5. Wayno, I hear that your service award delivery may be slightly delayed. They're having trouble getting the brown shorts to stay on the drone, and it keeps mooning all the truck drivers.

  6. Congratulations on the first year down. Thanks for all the laughs. Best wishes for a happy 2019.

  7. One of those songs I glommed onto as a lad and still love it for the emotions it gives me.

    Happy Anniversary to you Wayno!!!

  8. Thanks for the kind comments!

    Now, I'd better get back to work!