Saturday, August 18, 2018

Oceanic Forensics

Today's post goes out at the start of a long, hot, and enjoyable day away from the drawing board. My wife and I will be working the t-shirt tent at the fifth annual Music for MS Festival, in Pittsburgh's northern region. It's a great day devoted to raising money for a very worthy cause. I've designed the festival shirts every year, and this time around, my musical group will be part of the day's lineup. Wish me luck!

Now, on to the week's shenanigans.

A few readers thought this was a cartoon about Abe Lincoln. I based the drawing of Captain Ahab on Gregpry Peck's portrayal in the 1956 John Huston film version of Moby Dick. The confusion didn't upset me. I was just happy to get the word "blowhole" published on the comics page.

The day this comic was published, I regretted not drawing the character holding the Frisbee as a shaggy dog. As we've mentioned before, we create each daily Bizarro comic as a vertical panel, and then convert it to a horizontal layout for newspapers who run it in a regular comic-strip slot. 
When converting this one, I gave the dialog to the other foreground figure, to avoid drawing a ridiculously long tail on the word balloon.

Wednesday's Bizarro was partly inspired by my partner Dan Piraro's recent series of luchador paintings. You can see some of this amazing new work on the @DiegoPiraro Instagram page.

Those Terminator movies got it all wrong. As machines become more human-like, they'll develop self-awareness, and then self-interest, but before they can overthrow us, this will happen.

This is my favorite cartoon of the week. You can tell which one I think is the best, because we like to run the strongest gag on Friday. Still, it's impossible to predict what readers will respond to. We're often surprised to see which of the week's cartoons are shared and commented on the most.

Saturday's gag is for everyone who has siblings.

Thanks for reading Bizarro, and especially for taking the time to read the blog.

Be sure to check out Dan Piraro's take on the week's gags over at, and view his latest Sunday comics masterpiece.

Bonus Track of the Week

Here's one of the tunes we'll perform at the festival today.


  1. I look forward to your loopy drawings every day. Very refreshing sense of humor. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Andrea & Jack!

  3. You guys are so Suavé, you need an accent grave on Thé Réd Béans. & Ricé Combéau.

  4. What a drag!
    Red Beans & Rice - they not only draw, they draw a crowd!