Saturday, August 11, 2018

Accident Free

Week 32 of 2018 is wrapping up, and we've made it more than halfway through my first year at Bizarro Studios North with only a handful of deadline-induced anxiety attacks. Here's a look at the Safety Committee's motivational sign in our corporate lunchroom.

If we maintain our perfect safety record through December 31, Management will let us have a joint party with the staff of Zippy the Pinhead.

Sometimes, I like to imagine a world where being stunned is the worst thing anyone has to worry about.

Robocop forensic artists celebrate July 12, the date in 1960 when the Ohio Art Company introduced the Etch A Sketch, and revolutionized their jobs. Savvy automatons who invested in aluminum powder futures are eternally grateful to the toy's inventor, André Cassagnes

You never want to look silly or feel uncomfortable at an event, and this fellow is trying his best. In most situations, any adult male who shows up in long pants and sans baseball cap has raised the bar.

Once you get over the initial squeamishness, tending to a pet can be a rewarding experience rather than a chore. 

We couldn't fit it in the frame, but this character is also riding a unicycle.

If the National Contrarian Society were an actual organization, would its members deny its existence? Don't ask me, I'm not saying.

Apologies for the brevity of this post. I'm leaving in a few minutes to be fitted for a new pair of steel-toed boots and an upgraded hard hat. Cartooning is a dangerous job, but it keeps the economy rolling.

For more info on Bizarro Studios and its rich corporate culture, be sure to read the current News Release from our CEO (Chief Eyeball Officer) Dan Piraro. You'll also be rewarded with his latest Sunday page, which is always stunning.

This Week's Bonus Track

Lee Dorsey (with Jools Holland)
"Working in the Coal Mine"
From Walking to New Orleans, a 1985 UK TV movie


  1. I really like the etch-a-sketch concept, for retro robot art.
    I'd like to work up a contrarian joke for the "You're not here map," but the gag is already perfect as-is.

    I first encountered "Working in the Coal Mine" from the Heavy Metal movie, as played by Devo. That's still my favorite version, but I'm learning to love the original, and I like the way Lee Dorsey performs it on the video. Thanks for sharing that, Wayno!

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful comments!

    I loved Devo's cover of "Working in the Coal Mine," and was happy they introduced the song to a new audience.

    Lee Dorsey was a wonderful singer. I was lucky enough to catch him live once.

    Once again, I truly appreciate your comments and thank you for reading Bizarro and the blog.

  3. Wayno, About the cartoon Stun Gun Control: Will you be submitting those uniform designs to the White House? Space Force All The Way!

  4. Kent, thanks for the suggestion.

    I'd consider it, but they'll have to pay a licensing fee.

    And sign a non-disparagement NDA.