Saturday, February 03, 2018


The Latest Batch of Bizarritude

Here's something the groundhog didn't predict yesterday: another cartoon recap from Bizarro Studios North.

Last week, we ran a cartoon making fun of the banjo. Now we're picking on accordions? Where will it end? (This isn't even my first accordion-based gag.) 

In the interest of full disclosure, I admit that my first musical instrument was in fact an accordion. Today, I'm a harmonica player, and, really, what is a harmonica but an accordion without the bellows and keyboard?

A couple weeks ago, Bizarro showed a newly-arrived angel in therapy for being overly happy. That one and today's both came out of conversations over a sketch that didn't quite hit the mark.

My initial rough of the angel at the shrink (below) was okay, but Bizarro CEO Dan Piraro and I both felt it could be improved.

Dan suggested that the patient say something like "Heaven is amazing and all, but to be honest, it still isn’t as much fun as I had on Spring Break in Tampa back in 1997." He explained that he chose the year because a person who was in college back then would be about 40 now, which is a common age to begin lamenting the loss of youth. The new line of dialog and the nostalgia for college days suggested to me an image of a couple of angel-dudes clinking beer glasses. The "Amen" response gave it a little extra comedic bump.

One could argue that this gag goes overboard in terms of being "meta." I prefer to think of it as "multidimensional."

I refuse to comment on this cartoon in order to avoid self-incrimination.

We never tire of jokes about dogs sniffing each other's territorial markings. My favorite detail in this one is the chihuahua as the jaded plainclothes detective.

Prior to the procedure, the patient wasn't very bright. I don't know where I first got the concept of a society of pumpkin-headed humans, but I've used it as the basis for a couple of things in the past.

Truck on over to Dan's blog for his take on this week's funnies, and (I hope) a peek at some of the fine art he's working on lately.

By the way, have you seen the amazing enamel pins in the newly-opened Bizarro Shop? No lapel, necktie, or hatband should be without one!

Five Weeks In...

I'm happily shocked to realize it's already been more than a month since I joined up as Bizarro's daily cartoonist. I'm thrilled to be working alongside a dear friend who's the best in the business, and to receive so much great feedback from the loyal and attentive readership. Not every comment has been positive, but I do read every one, and they're all appreciated. I'll keep doing my best to provide laughs Monday through Saturday, and will join you every Sunday in marveling at Dan's masterful work.


  1. Wayno, I have really enjoyed your work, and I think that Dan Piraro made a wise choice in selecting you to continue Bizarro. I would like to point out that your pumpkin cartoons would make excellent Halloween cards, should you choose to market them (I know Dan has some of his cartoons available at Noble Works cards). I do have to confess that I was born on Halloween, so it is a special day for me, which is why these particular cartoons strike a chord in me.

  2. Jeff, thanks so much for your kind words. Halloween is a big deal around our house, and I'm happy to hear that these cartoons resonate for you. How cool to celebrate your birthday on Halloween.

    We might look into the greeting card angle!

  3. I love your combo Red Beans and Rice. Thank you for the link to your song Who Drank My Beer! That was great.
    I've really enjoyed your first five weeks and looking forward to lots more weeks!
    Take care and have a good week!