Saturday, February 17, 2018

Art Imitates Tech

The week of February 12 started out amicably and ended on a belligerent note. We hope each day at least included a laugh for Bizarro's readers.

Monday's gag was intended as nothing more than a humorous comment on the similarities (and differences) between the social activities of canines and humans. I imagined a networking site for dogs might be called "Sniffer," and I liked that it sounded similar to "Twitter." To our surprise, the cartoon was shared by a guy named Scott Darling, who co-founded Sniffr, an actual dating app for dog lovers. It looks like a fun and useful app, and includes options to arrange play dates for your dog or send out lost pet alerts. Who knew?

Customer Support explained that their product performs precisely as advertised.

For Valentine's Day, another social media/dating app cartoon, reminding us that people both expose and conceal themselves online.

Paradoxically, their baby shoes are gigantic.

Thursday's offering may be read simply as a dark and somewhat disturbing gag set in a creepy guy's basement. Or, it might illustrate the wisdom in hiring qualified, experienced professionals over "outsiders" who want to "shake things up."

For someone who's always trying to hide, this Waldo fellow ought to consider a less conspicuous wardrobe.

Thanks for following our shenanigans for yet another week. Don't forget to read Dan Piraro's blog for his perspective on this batch of gags. Oh, and check out the snazzy Bizarro Enamel Pins Dan's offering in his online shop!

See you next Saturday.

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