Thursday, April 21, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

In addition to my webcomic, WaynoVision, from time to time I collaborate with my pal Hilary Price on her daily panel, Rhymes With Orange. Over the next week and a half, she'll run four of our joint efforts.

Here's today's comic.
Click for larger view
As is often the case when we work together, the published cartoon bears little resemblance to my initial idea.
My sketch toyed with the similarity of the words "stalemates" and "soulmates." We thought it might be interesting to show pigeons sharing a crumb of stale bread, which added a layer to the gag, but then Hilary came up with the very funny comic we see today.

This process of revision and reinvention happens all the time when a cartoonist is working on a gag, with an early sketch or phrase serving as a seed that sprouts in unexpected ways, if it survives at all. Going through a few iterations of a gag with a collaborator can be more productive, generating something that neither artist might have come up with alone.

Our earlier collaborations are archived in this blog's Rhymes With Orange Crate. Feel free to poke around.

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