Saturday, April 23, 2016

Office Space

Here's my latest contribution to Hilary Price's Rhymes With Orange.
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For cartoon scholars, here's my original sketch.
Hilary reversed the reader's point of view, deleted one criminal, and edited the dialog, all of which improved the gag.

In my own webcomic, I present gags in a vertical panel, so working in a strip layout, a wide landscape space, feels very different. 

Hilary's version of this gag took advantage of those dimensions, and it reads very smoothly left to right, without any unnecessary elements. The story unfolds with a very particular choreography. First, the sight of the distressed victim and musclebound enforcer creates tension. A third character appears at the door, and we wonder why he's there -- more questions. Finally, we read the cordial explanation setting the lost traveler on his way.

I have two more gags in RWO this month, so keep checking in. All of the earlier ones are archived here.

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