Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Portmanteau Pup

Today's Bizarro is nothing more than a silly image, inspired by a goofy, made-up name for what we lovingly used to refer to as a mutt.
The finished comic, created by Bizarro's alpha cartoonist, Dan Piraro, includes a lot more detail than my submission sketch, shown below.
Although the joke is simple, its effectiveness depends on the reader first recognizing the incongruity of the scribbled pet next to a (relatively) realistic dog. The dialog provides resolution of the perceived paradox, which, we hope, is surprising enough to result in a laugh.

Dan's version added much more in the way of realistic detail, and made the 'doodle stand out even more. The sketched version would work too, and could be improved with final art in which the speaking dog is drawn to be even more lifelike.

As stated earlier, this cartoonist finds these grafted-together names to be rather silly. Although for a cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle, the name "Labradoodle" is preferable to "Poo Retriever."

Speaking of unusual hybrids, please enjoy the other gags Dan and I have co-parented over the years, all of which are archived in this blog's Bizarro Warehouse.

Many more laffs are in store for the new year. Come back soon and see for yourself!


Unknown said...

I liked the comic once I understood it, but the "doodle dog" is just too well drawn for me. Especially the face and the legs. I've not found anybody who got it without an explanation, and several people who know we have a labradoodle mutt have asked about this comic. The submission sketch dog transplanted into the final would have made it obvious enough for my art challenged brain.

Wayno said...

Thanks for the comment, Brendon. Perhaps Dan just draws too well!