Friday, January 17, 2014

In Dog We Trust

Today's Bizarro comic peeks inside a canine cathedral and reveals a bit of scripture.
The submission sketch may be familiar to observant Bizarro readers...
...since it's based on an older comic exploring a similar theme.
Each comic delivers a laugh while exposing an underlying truth about theistic systems, in which deities are created in the image of the believers. Taken as a pair, the gags also play upon our knowledge of the personalities and motivations of our animal companions.

This one caught me by surprise—I hadn't seen it before today. Since I color the dailies, I normally see the panels a few weeks before they're published. The preaching dog was in a batch that was drawn and colored during Christmas week by Dan Piraro himself, who gave me the week off to to spend time with the family.

I normally compose the blog post well ahead of publication, and revisit it a few times for editing. This post was slapped together this very morning, so please excuse any typos or formatting errors. Besides, I can always go back and edit after the fact.

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  1. I keep seeing this one popping up all over Facebook. People really like it.

  2. I like the addition of the Pavlovian salivating tongue.